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» How do I determine which pipe thread I need?

» Why 304 Stainless Steel?

» Installation Tips for Installing Our Parts*

» How to Care for Performance Stainless Steel Parts

» Why 12pt?

» Additional Questions?

How do I determine which pipe thread I need?

The pipe thread size refers to an industry designation, not the actual size.
Click here to download a PDF file that will help you determine the correct size.

Why 304 Stainless Steel?

Type 304 (also widely known as 18-8 stainless steel, which refers to 18 percent chromium, 8 percent nickel) offers excellent corrosion, pitting and rust resistance. We believe these attributes, along with the high quality surface finishes that can be achieved with 304, offer the best formula for a great part. Although there are other stainless steels that are easier to machine, Performance Stainless Steel decided that 304 Stainless was the best choice for our classic car products.

Installation Tips for Installing Our Parts*

  1. Clean threads thoroughly with a wax and grease remover type cleaner.
  2. Make sure that the surfaces of the threads are free of dirt, oil and coolant.
  3. To avoid thread galling and to insure a good seal we highly recommend using a high quality sealant around the threads of the stainless steel fitting (Performance Stainless Steel Part #1034) or equivalent. We do not recommend using Teflon Tape or the equivalent product. For more information on sealants visit our website or call our technical department at 609-445-5232.

How to Care for Performance Stainless Steel Parts

  • Because of stainless steels unique corrosion qualities little care is needed. Using a mild soapy solution or water soluble degreaser like Simple Green to wipe the surface is, all you need to keep your fitting clean and beautiful.
  • Stainless can be polished with an approved metal polish specifically formulated for stainless. Some polishes can stain or damage the surface of stainless steel. Read the label to ensure that the polish is suited for stainless steels.

Why 12pt?

If you’ve decided to go with the hot look of 12 point stainless steel fasteners on your performance engine, then it’s definitely time to outfit the engine with hose fittings. Why settle for hex hose fittings that won’t match the other fasteners on your engine? Performance Stainless Steel offers 12 point hose fittings and plugs to complement those 12 point fasteners, and finish out your engine in style!
12 pt fasteners also offer more surface area for a better grip with a 12 pt wrench!

*Our tips are not to be considered expert advice for car repair.
If you don't know what you're doing, please consult an expert.

Do you have additional questions?

» Click here to contact our Technical Support Team